Henry Elisha Perry
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2306 N. 390 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1726
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Birth (M):
Marriage (2):
Children (2):
24 August 1827
Lewis, Essex, New York, USA
Lydia Sophronia Thorne
15 March 1858 (Div)
19 May 1875
Henry Elisha Perry
Personal History
Personal Documents
Family Group Sheet
Gustavus Adolphus Perry
Eunice Wing
Perry, Box Elder, Utah, USA
Henry Elisha Perry - Stories
Sarah Sophronia Perry (1859-1936)
Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah, USA
Henry Elisha Perry - History
Henry Elisha Perry-1
Henry Elisha Perry-2
Henry Elisha Perry-3
Pedigree Chart
Henry Elisha Perry - Headstone
May 1875
Brigham City Cemetery
Endowment House
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Marriage (1):
Elizabeth Zabriskie
Pottawattamie, Iowa, USA
Children (1):
Susan Amelia Perry (1849-1925)
Eunice Jane Perry (1854-1948)
Henry Morgan Perry (1856-1930)
Rosalia Elvira Perry (1859-1953)
Hyrum Elisha Perry (1861-1926)
Margaret Melvina Perry (1863-1947)
Heber William Perry (1866-1940)
Lucy Elizabeth Perry (1870-1938)
Family Tree PID: KWJY-1W6
Son of Gustavus Adolphus Perry
Grandfather of Theron Smith Hall
Son of Gustavus Adolphus Perry