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Index of Personal Histories & Historical Documents
Joseph Smith Hall Family History Archives
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Hall, Joseph Smith - Biography
Hall, Theron Smith - Autobiography
Hall, Joseph Smith - Stories
Hall, Theron Smith - Stories
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Stories
Perry, Henry Elisha - Stories
Stories of Theron S. Hall, His Parents and Grandparents by Dorothy D. Hall
Hall, Edward - Stories
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Stories
Thorn, Lydia Sophronia- Biographies
Hall, Joseph Elwood - History
Perry, Henry Elisha - History
Hall, Edwin - History
Thorn, Lydia Sophronia- Stories
Averett, Pearl - A Grandchild's Tribute
Hall, Elner - Deed
Hall, Jacob - Letters
Davenport, Dorothy Lufkin - Funeral
Davenport, Dorothy Lufkin - Marriage Certificate
Davenport, Dorothy Lufkin - Will & Trust
Hall, Elner - Land Sale
Hall, Elner - Mission
Hall, Elner - Mission Call
Hall, Elner - Mission Certificates
Hall, Elner - Mission Letters
Hall, Elner - Patriarchal Blessings
Hall, James Edward - Deed
Hall, Joseph Elwood - Patriarchal Blessing
Hall, Joseph Elwood - Records
Hall, Joseph Smith - Death Certificate
Hall, Joseph Smith - Deed
Hall, Joseph Smith - Marriage Certificate
Hall, Joseph Smith - Probate
Hall, Nephi Edwin - Letter
Hall, Theron Smith - WWI Draft Registration
Hall, William Isaac - Obituary
Lester, Sarah - Nauvoo Records
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Patriarchal Blessing
Thorn, Ashael - Nauvoo Records
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Marriage Certificate
Prichard, Molly (Polly) - Descendents
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Histories
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Patriarchal Blessings
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Letter from Relief Society
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Letter to Sisters
Hall, Clifton- Deeds
Hall, Ethel - Obituary
Davenport, Franklin Remington - Marriage Certificate
Lufkin, Kate Naomi - Marriage Certificate
Hall, Clifton- Blessing & WWI Draft
Hall, Clifton- Obituary & Grave
Averett, Pearl and Owen by Ione Hall Anderson
Hall, Edward Owen - WWI Draft
Davenport, Franklin Remington - Patriarchal Blessing
Wood, Solon Andrew - Fireman's Assoc. Cert.
Wood, Solon Andrew - Ordination-1
Wood, Solon Andrew - Ordination-2
Wood, Solon Andrew - Principal Letter
Wood, Joseph Solon - Personal Record
Wood, Farlin Lamar - Mission Release
Hall, Joseph Elwood - Letter LDS Hospital 1931
Wheeler, Edda - Obituary
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Personal Record
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Cards
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Letters
Davenport Ancestry in America and Descendants of John Pope Davenport and Edward Wilcox Davenport by Dorothy D. Hall
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Letters 2
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Letters 3
Hall, Hilton Davenport - Letters 4
Hall, Clifton - Postcard in the Army
Thorn, Ashael - History
Hall, Nephi Edwin - Funeral Poem
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Letter About
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - History by Elner Hall
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Obituary
Hall, Edward Owen - Histories
Armstrong, Mary Anner Biography
Lufkin, Kate Naomi - Teaching License
Lufkin, Kate Naomi - Temple Letter
Hall, Dorothy - Personal Record
Hall, Dorothy - Obituary
Hall, Dorothy - Poems & Art
Hall, Dorothy - Schooling & Art
Hall, Dorothy - Funeral
Hall, Dorothy - Certificates
Hall, Elner - Funeral
Davenport, Franklin Remington - Ordination & Marriage
Hall, Joseph Elwood - Obituary & Headstone
Hall, Joseph Elwood - Letters of Recommendation
Hall, Theron Smith - Scrapbook-1
Hall, Theron Smith - Scrapbook-2
Hall, Theron Smith - Scrapbook-3
Hall, Theron Smith - Scrapbook-4
Hall, Theron Smith - Scrapbook-5
Hall, Barbara - Funeral
Hall, Barbara - Letters
Clark, George Bromley - Wedding
Ross, Annette Marie - Baby Book
Ross, Annette Marie - Death
Ross, Annette Marie - Funeral
Ross, Annette Marie - Letters
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 1
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 2
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 3
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 4
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 5
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Journal - 6
Ross, Annette Marie - Mission Scrapbook
Ross, Annette Marie - Patriarchal Blessings
Ross, Annette Marie - Scrapbook
Ross, Annette Marie - Wedding Reception
Ross, Annette Marie - Wedding Scrapbook
Hall, Maggie - Scrapbook
Hall, Maggie - Certificates
Hall, Maggie - Letters
Hall, Maggie - Marriage & Funeral
Hall, Maggie - Mission
Hall, Maggie - Personal Record
Wood, Solon Andrew - Scrapbook
Hall, Maggie - Mission Experience (Melvin J. Ballard)
Wood, Solon Andrew - Mission Experience (Melvin J. Ballard)
Hall, Francis - Death Records
Hall, Francis - History London
Hall, Francis - History Records
Hall, Francis - New Haven Colony Constituition
Hall, Francis - Ship Hector Passenger List
Hall, Francis - Will
Gallup, Viola - History
Hall, Joseph Smith - Miscellaneous
Wood, Farlin Lamar - Burial
Wood, Farlin Lamar - Utah Highway Patrol
Hall, Edward - Patriarchal Blessings
Hall, Edward - Documents
Hall, Edward - Asylum
Hall, Edward - Iowa Documents
Hall, Edward - Cemetery Records
Hall, Edward - Springville Documents
Hall, Edward - Histories
Hall, Mary Ann - Autobiography
Hall, Mary Ann - Patriarchal Blessing
Wood, Farlin Lamar - Newspaper Articles
Hall, James Edward - Blackhawk War
Hall, James Edward - Springville Hotel Fires
The History and Posterity of James E. & Kate W. Hall
Hall, Joseph Smith - Death Notice
Hall, Joseph Smith - Abstracts
Hall, Nephi Edwin - History
Hall, James Edward - Voice of the People
Solving the Mystery Surrounding the Origins and Ancestry of Francis Hall by Danny Hall, M.G.
Hall, Theron Smith - Certificates
Hall, Theron Smith - Patriarchal Blessings
Lufkin, Kate Naomi - Patriarchal Blessings
Hall, Joseph Smith - Family Record
Marriage Records and Death Records 1816-1849 Copied from the Susquehannah County, Pennsylvania, Newspapers
Hall, Francis in "Hall Descendants of Francis Hall" by Howard Hall with Harlan Jessup
Hall, Isaac (1) in "Hall Descendants of Francis Hall" by Howard Hall with Harlan Jessup
Hall, Isaac (2) in "Hall Descendants of Francis Hall" by Howard Hall with Harlan Jessup
Hall, Isaac (3) in "Hall Descendants of Francis Hall" by Howard Hall with Harlan Jessup
Ballinger History
Ballinger Archives
Ballinger Records
Ballinger Survey Records
Ballingers in "History of Kentucky"
Ballinger Family
Ballinger Family History
Courtier, Richard Allen - Funeral
Crapo, Peter - Will
Hall, Asa in "Hall Descendants of Francis Hall" by Howard Hall with Harlan Jessup
Badger, John - Biography
Badger, John - Nauvoo Records
Davenport, Constance Lufkin - Marriage Certificate
Prichard Family Historical Information
Lesters in "Bryant Lester of Lunenburg County Virginia and His Descendants"
Lesters in "The Royal Origin of an American Line" by J. William Lester
Crosby Family Research
Histories of George Washington Lufkin, His Wife and Parents by Dorothy D. Hall
O'Briens in "Noel and the Genealogy of the O'Briens"
Mayflower Ancestors of Theron Smith Hall and Dorothy Lufkin Davenport
Lydia Sophronia - Temple Index Card
Hall, Barbara - Personal Record