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Martha Ann Townsend
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Joseph Smith Hall Family History Archives
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2306 N. 390 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1726
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Birth (F):
Marriage (1):
Children (2):
Buxton, York, Maine, USA
Henry Robinson
1852 (Div)
10 January 1912
Logan City Cemetery
Martha Ann Townsend
Personal History
Personal Documents
Family Group Sheet
James Foss Townsend
Susan Davis
Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
2 March 1832
John Townsend Lufkin (1853-1937) *
Florence May Lufkin (1855-1949)
George Eastman Lufkin (1857-1950)
Martha Emma Lufkin (1859-1859)
Susan Aseneth Lufkin (1860-1936)
Jessie Lowe Lufkin (1863-1900)
Jane Maria Lufkin (1866-1952)
Missouri, USA
Pedigree Chart
Marion Davis Lufkin (1869-1920)
Vernie Isabell Lufkin (1871-1896)
Kate Naomi Lufkin (1880-1939)
12 January 1912
Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
Family Tree PID: KWNV-1FC
George Washington Lufkin
George Washington Lufkin - Picture FGS
Histories of George Washington Lufkin, His Wife and Parents by Dorothy D. Hall
Marriage (2):
George Washington Lufkin
9 July 1853
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
James Foss Townsend
James Foss Townsend (2)
Martha Ann Townsend