Kate Naomi Lufkin
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2306 N. 390 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1726
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Birth (F):
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Franklin Remington Davenport
3 October 1901
26 October 1939
Provo City Cemetery
Kate Naomi Lufkin
Personal History
Personal Documents
Family Group Sheet
George Washington Lufkin
Martha Ann Townsend
Hood River, Hood River, Oregon, USA
3 January 1880
Franklin Lufkin Davenport (1902-1990)
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport (1904-1996)
Hazel Lufkin Davenport (1906-1998)
Violet Lufkin Davenport (1908-1995)
Kenneth Lufkin Davenport (1910-1981)
Naomi Lufkin Davenport (1912-1967)
Rodney Lufkin Davenport (1914-2010)
Logan Temple
Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
Kate Naomi Lufkin - Marriage Certificate
Pedigree Chart
Remington Lufkin Davenport (1918-2018)
Constance Lufkin Davenport (1921-2001)
Mother-in-Law of Theron S. Hall
Kate Naomi Lufkin - Teaching License
Kate Naomi Lufkin - Temple Letter
31 October 1939
Provo, Utah, Utah, USA
Kate Naomi Lufkin - Memorial
Kate Naomi Lufkin - Patriarchal Blessings
Family Tree PID: KWZC-KQR
George Washington Lufkin
George Washington Lufkin - Picture FGS
Franklin R. Davenport
Franklin R. Davenport - Picture FGS
Daughter of George W. Lufkin
Daughter of Martha A. Townsend
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport