Dorothy Lufkin Davenport
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Birth (F):
Hood River, Hood River, Oregon, USA
Theron Smith Hall
22 November 1927
13 January 1996
Springville City Cemetery
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport
Personal History
Personal Documents
Family Group Sheet
Franklin Remington Davenport
Kate Naomi Lufkin
Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, USA
14 August 1904
Springville, Utah, Utah, USA
Barbara Hall (1928-2008)
Hilton Davenport Hall (1934-2003)
Dorothy Hall (1943-1999)
Salt Lake City Temple
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Dorothy L. Davenport - Childhood
Dorothy L. Davenport - Marriage Certificate
Dorothy L. Davenport - Will & Trust
Dorothy L. Davenport - Funeral
Pedigree Chart
Dorothy L. Davenport - Elner's Birthday
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Histories
Ballinger, Nancy Eleanor - Stories
Davenport Ancestry in America and Descendants of John Pope Davenport and Edward Wilcox Davenport (32MB)
Hall, Edward - Histories
Hall, Edward - Stories
Hall, Joseph Smith - Biography
Hall, Joseph Smith - Stories
Hall, Theron Smith - Stories
Perry, Sarah Sophronia - Stories
Perry, Henry Elisha - Stories
Stories of Theron S. Hall, His Parents and Grandparents by Dorothy D. Hall
Thorne, Lydia Sophronia- Stories
Dorothy L. Davenport - Family 1925 - 1941
Dorothy L. Davenport - Family 1941 - 1950
Dorothy L. Davenport - Family 1950 - 1955
Dorothy L. Davenport - Family 1958 - 1976
Franklin R. Davenport
18 January 1996
Dorothy L. Davenport - Headstone
Family Tree PID: KWCZ-7LH
Franklin R. Davenport - Picture FGS
GG-Daughter of Edward W. Davenport
GG-Daughter of Clarissa D. Crapo
G-Daughter of Helen M. B. Remington
G-Daughter of George W. Lufkin
G-Daughter of Martha A. Townsend
Daughter-in-Law of J.S. Hall
Histories of George Washington Lufkin, His Wife and Parents by Dorothy D. Hall
Mayflower Ancestors of Theron Smith Hall and Dorothy Lufkin Davenport
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport
Theron Smith Hall
Davenport Ancestry in America and Descendants of John Pope Davenport and Edward Wilcox Davenport (305MB)