Franklin Remington Davenport
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2306 N. 390 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1726
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Birth (M):
Paradise, Cache, Utah, USA
Kate Naomi Lufkin
3 October 1901
30 July 1965
Provo City Cemetery
Franklin Remington Davenport
Personal History
Personal Documents
Family Group Sheet
Jeremiah Franklin Davenport
Helen Maria Badger Remington
Provo, Utah, Utah, USA
15 July 1878
Franklin Lufkin Davenport (1902-1990)
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport (1904-1996)
Hazel Lufkin Davenport (1906-1998)
Violet Lufkin Davenport (1908-1995)
Kenneth Lufkin Davenport (1910-1981)
Naomi Lufkin Davenport (1912-1967)
Rodney Lufkin Davenport (1914-2010)
Logan Temple
Logan, Cache, Utah, USA
Franklin R. Davenport - Patriarchal Blessing
Pedigree Chart
Remington Lufkin Davenport (1918-2004)
Constance Lufkin Davenport (1921-2001)
Father-in-Law of Theron S. Hall
Provo, Utah, Utah, USA
Franklin R. Davenport - Marriage Certificate
Franklin R. Davenport - Ordination & Marriage
2 August 1965
Franklin R. Davenport - Picture FGS
Franklin R. Davenport - Grave Memorial
Family Tree PID: KWZC-KQP
Franklin R. Davenport
Jeremiah Franklin Davenport
Grandson of Edward W. Davenport
Grandson of Clarissa D. Crapo
Son of Helen M. B. Remington
Dorothy Lufkin Davenport